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The references about clever+friends
– speak for themselves.

“Ursa is a real pleasure to work with. We have been working together on many projects over the years and we always enjoy her professionalism and friendliness. She surpassed our expectations many times over in terms of quality and deadlines!”

Marie Flacassier, Chief Operating Officer, BeatBabel, San Diego, USA

"We worked with Ursa on a large project for the tourism industry, involving very tight deadlines and complex technical requirements. This job required high speed and flexibility in adapting to constantly evolving requirements. Ursa delivered superbly on all fronts. She is very professional in her approach, and can be trusted with the most demanding of tasks. We highly recommend her services."

Dr. Alex Spiteri-Gingell, Director, Transcripta Multilingual Translations, Valletta, Malta

“For German translations, Ursa is our go to translator. She’s always a pleasure to work with, professional, and detail oriented. After working with Ursa on several projects, she stands out as someone who is a reliable and a skilled translator”.

Diana Ascarrunz, Project Support, Omni Tech Trans, LLC, Atlanta, USA

"I am more than happy to provide a professional reference for Ursa, as I have had only exceptionally good experiences with her work.

Circle Training is a company providing international sales and management trainings for Fortune 500 companies. Ursa has translated several training contents for us for leadership and personal development trainings.

Ursa has always kept all deadlines while providing high quality. I particularly appreciate Ursa’s personal interest in the topic she is translating, which, I am sure, contributes to the quality. Due to her high commitment, she gained an extensive understanding of the products for our clients in the Medtech industry by intensive research. Ursa is also very consistent in her translations and since a lot of our methodology is intellectual property, a consistent translation of certain words is very important to us."

Daniela Schulz, Owner, Circle Training, Altenkirchen, Germany

"We started working with Ursa last year and haven't regretted it one minute. She is very quick to answer our various requests and most often makes time to fit us in her tight schedule to respect our deadlines. Her German is very good both for technical and marketing texts. She knows how to adapt to the client, the reader and the style of the source language. We would definitely recommend working with her ... but not too much because we need her, too!!!"

Cynthia Vergon, Owner, Infact Global, Frangy, France

“Ursa is a very friendly and professional person to work with. She has completed all jobs assigned to her ahead of the deadline and has always delivered high-quality translation work. I will be happy to call on her services again in the near future.”

David Van der Vloet, Managing Director, Transolution, Kessel-Lo, Belgium

"I've had the pleasure of working with Ursa Rüffer on a couple of projects in the past. As a linguist, I appreciate the reliability, commitment, and flexibility that she manifests in her work. She's a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with her in the future."

Hanna Kolari, Freelance Translator, Kuusankoski, Finnland

"I worked with Ursa on one project. She is helpful, professional and above all very organised. Whenever I had to consult her, she responded promptly. I would be happy to work with her again in the future."

Hiroshi Moroi, Freelance Translator, Berlin, Germany

"Ursa is a very pleasant and a very friendly person, with a real sense of human relationships. She involves herself fully in her work with real professionalism. It is a pleasure to work with her and I warmly recommend her translation services!"

Audrey Frère, Freelance Translator, Arras, France






















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